About the birdwatching trails

Birdwatching trails will be conducted on 3rd, 4thand 5th March 2017 as part of the 4th Uttarakhand Spring Bird Festival in Nandhaur Wildlife Sanctuary. There will be guided birdwatching conducted by experienced bird watchers and bird guides from all across Uttarakhand. There are no charges for birdwatching; however, you will need to register yourself for the birdwatching trails. All the trails will begin at 700am and 2 pm.

The Nandhaur WLS, covering an area of 269.96 sq. km. was declared a WLS in Dec 2012. Nandhaur is part of the Terai Arc Landscape and is located 25 kilometers from Haldwani in Nainital and Champawat Districts. The Nandhaur area is flanked by River Gola in the west and River Sharda in the east and intersected by River Nandhaur, which flows east to west in the northern area and then turns south to bisect the landscape into two before disappearing in the Terai area. Nandhaur also has large swathes of undisturbed forests, which have virtually no habitation. It is a critical link for the wildlife populations to move across the Terai Arc Landscape.

Starting point for birdwatching: Chorgalia FRH

Starting times: 700-1000 am and 200-500 pm, daily.


Chorgalia FRH to Macchli Wan (6 km, to & fro)

This trail takes you through sal forest, along winding streams, with the Nandhaur River flanking the trail.


Chorgalia FRH to Sunman Thapla (6 km, to & fro)

This trail takes you through sal forest, along winding streams, up to the SumanThaplamandir.


Macchli Wan Plus-Chorgalia FRH (4 km, to & fro)

This trails requires a short journey by vehicle to Macchli Wan. From here, one needs to wade across the Nandhaur River (wear your sandals for this trail!). From here, you walk along a narrow jungle track that eventually leads to Peepli Wan (14 km). We, of course, will walk, only for 2 kilometers along the Nandhaur River, at the edge of forest.


Chorgalia FRH-Jaulasal road (4 km, to & fro)

This trail takes one along the Chorgalia village, to the vehicle track leading to the Jaulasal Range close to the along the banks of the Nandhaur River.


Chorgalia FRH-Lakhanmandi (6 km, to & fro)

Largely a forest trail. One first walks at the edge of fields of Chorgalia village and then enters the forest track leading to Lakhanmandi. This trail has mostly sal forest, and is good for forest birds.