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  • Rufous Sibia

    Rufous Sibia
  • White-naped Woodpecker

    White-naped Woodpecker
  • White-bellied Erpornis

    White-bellied Erpornis
  • Great Barbet

    Great Barbet
  • Striped Blue Crow

    Striped Blue Crow
  • Nandhaur landscape

    Nandhaur landscape
  • Nandhaur landscape

    Nandhaur landscape
  • Spot Swordtail

    Spot Swordtail

The 4 th Uttarakhand Spring Bird Festival is finally here!

The fourth Uttarakhand Spring Bird Festival will be held in Nandhaur WLS, 25 kilometers from Haldwani.

The Nandhaur WLS, covering an area of 269.96 sq. km. was declared a WLS in Dec 2012. Nandhaur is part of the Terai Arc Landscape and is located 25 kilometers from Haldwani in Nainital and Champawat Districts. The Nandhaur area is flanked by River Gola in the west and River Sharda in the eastand intersected by River Nandhaur which flows east to west in the northern area and then turns south to bisect the landscape into two before disappearing in the Terai area. Nandhaur also has large swathes of undisturbed forests, which have virtually no habitation. It is a critical link for the wildlife populations to move across the Terai Arc Landscape.

The bird festival will be conducted at Chorgaliya, which is 25 kilometers east of Haldwani. Activities at the festival will include birdwatching, talks, children’s activities, film shows and lots more.

Registration: Registration for birdwatching and onsite accommodation will open shortly. There are no charges for registration, but the boarding and lodging (tented accommodation) will need to be paid for by visitors.

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Download the agenda here.